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Reasons why we don’t keep bodies in the Dinning Room

This morning I was cleaning out our upstairs closet and came across an old business card. Funny, totally forgot I’d kept this stuff. Oooh the memories… Morty and I moved to San Jose CA in 1993. We’d only been dating for 8 months so the funeral world, was still very new to me. He had […]

berry 2

Pimpin’ out Frankenberry

Morty trying to get me to eat my breakfast this morning. Or maybe, this is some kind of new foreplay of his kind. Still don’t have the heart to tell him I fancy, Count Chocula. Kinda wonder what he’d look like in a cape… Then…opportunity struck!!   I went to visit my neighbor Cindy and her […]


In Lieu of flowers…tell them NOW, what they mean to you

Friday June 28th my Mom turned 77.  She is my BFF and I feel compelled to express that to her…while I can. That’s right, while we’re both still here in this world, together.  What plants this stuff in my head are those funeral prayer cards – you know, the ones my husband brings home. “They’re starting to eat, at […]


Johnny Bravo’s our ‘Go to Guy and Chef Ramsey…well, he’s just bloody entertaining

All these years together…sometimes I forget the stuff my husband has seen. So when he gets home looking kinda shuffled and clicks on a mindless cartoon – I stop what I’m doing, sit down…and laugh with him. Though I can’t help to try and get into his mind. Observing him and Johnny, intrigues me . “What is he thinking…?” […]


Husband and Wife, Mother and Father, come together as One…on Father’s Day

Men are tough to figure out. Though that’s what we’re led to believe or that’s “What THEY say.”  Whose “they” anyway? Women are hard to figure out – now I know who ‘says that.  Today being ‘Fathers Day, for some of us it’s tough to figure out what to say or do for the ‘Dad’s we […]


Pot Luck Sunday at the Cemetery

People are really starting to get creative when it comes to their Headstones. Some have pictures embossed on them, statues, unique designs, benches etc.  When I came across this one I – LOVED IT!! Strangers stop by to write down the recipe and leave their “Thanks.”  We ran into someone who had brought samples of […]


My Sister’s Chosen Path, Wild Life and Tamed Soul

Everyone has a different outlook on religious beliefs and the path we choose to walk.  Whatever that belief is, it makes us feel good.  Especially after a loss of a loved one, our beliefs help us walk that path. A few months ago, Michael from Prayers for Special Help contacted me, he had found my site and enjoyed browsing through it (thank god). […]


Weird little ladies with skulls and dragons.

Antirrhinum majus   Common Names: Toad’s Mouth, Dog’s Mouth, ~Rabbit’s Lips~ (in Asia) ~Lion’s Lips~ (in Holland) Where do they come from?  They’re believed to have grown wild in Spain and Italy. The botanical name Antirrhinum majus, comes from a Greek word, anti meaning ~like~ and rhis meaning ~a snout~, due to its snout-like blossoms.   “Okay […]

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Guest Blog Interview by Grete DeAngelo, author of Giving Myself Away

Grete is such a talented Author and her book is an absolute read for all. Not just us weirdo’s intrigued by Funeral World.  She found me online and to my surprise…wanted to interview me. I was like “Are you sure? Cuz I kinda don’t hold back, ya know – like, I’m goin’ to be totally honest.”  […]

mom day2

Facebook Friends of LAAMW sharing, caring…folks with Moms Day Poems

Facebook Friends are special people. They love sharing their lives, feelings, losses and loves. If you’re not on my Facebook…you’re missing out on some really cool ‘folks. So, today for my Blog Friends I’ve decided to share these beautiful Mother’s Day poems from some really cool ‘folks…


Mem’ries ‘Light the corners of my…grandma’s shoebox.

Twisting the lyrics from Barbara’s ‘Mem’ries: “Scattered pictures, of the smiles we took from cheap cameras. Smiles we gave to one another – trying on high heel shoes. “Can it be that is was all so simple as a shoebox?” Grandmas, they truly remember how it was to be a little girl. They made you […]


A Late Easter Meaning…to me and ‘Peter Cottontail.

As kids, Easter Baskets - are what we remember most about Easter Sunday. Memories of fun filled yummy Baskets and wearing our little Sunday outfits to Church.  Then, off to Grandma’s or someone’s house for a feast. When my son was alive – I’d put together a huge basket of goodies and fun stuff to surprise him with. […]


Before I Die, I want to eat a Vegemite Sandwich

Last year while on business in Columbia SC, I came across something quite spectacular. To me anyway. Right in the center of Columbia’s downtown district was a “Before I Die Wall” with buckets of colored chalk for passer byer’s to write their wishes.  Never heard of a wall like this.  Though I do have a ‘Bucket List…kinda.  […]

hearse carriage11

Sometimes you just have to make due with what you have

Is it wrong that I feel like buying this? Then profit off my husband by, parading him around dressed like..frankenberry – selling frozen Boo-berry Daiquiri’s?? Whatta ya think?? Then I found out it cost “$6500.00 – firm.” Then, I thought…let’s stick with the Boo-berry Daiquiri’s.


There’s going to come a day when he will ask you – to help him with…his make-up

Sunday.  October 18, 1992.  Buffalo, NY Dear Diary.  Or, should I write…’Dear Lynne, so ten years from now it could be a letter to my older self.”  Okay. Start over. Dear Dumb Ass,  “What were you thinkin?” Why. WHY- would you let him talk you into…putting make-up on a dead person?” With YOUR make-up.   What […]


Do It Yourself or DIFY Memorials – the BEST way to go

Last month a childhood friend of mine lost her mother.   Her mom was a huge inspiration to me, as a young girl.  Such a wonderful woman, she blessed so many of us.   Her kids had her cremated in February and planned a celebration of life for her.  Instead of a traditional Catholic mass or funeral, […]