Remembering a Verse he found in Grandma’s Purse


This touching Verse was one my husband discovered his Irish ancestors had borrowed.  A few years ago he offered it to a family to use as a Prayer Card.  It was read at the service of a Spanish Dignitary.  The saying goes…”Everyone has a little Irish in them”.



Don’t grieve for me, for now I’m free!  I follow the plan God laid for me.

I saw His face, I heard His call, I took His hand and left it all…

I could not stay another day. To love, to laugh, to work or play;

Tasks left undone must stay that way.  And if my parting has left a void,

Then fill it with remembered joy.  A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss…

Ah yes, these thing I, too, shall miss.  My life’s been full, I’ve savored much;

Good time, good friends, a loved-one’s touch.  Perhaps my time seemed all too brief-

Don’t shorten yours with undue grief.  Be not burdened with tears of sorrow,

Enjoy the sunshine of tomorrow.




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