How do I handle awkward?

Unfortunately some people simply don’t know how to behave – even at FuneralsI’ve seen it and experienced it myself.  As weird as it sounds…Be prepared to hear words of comfort that are awkward or seem inappropriate, such as, “You’ll get over it,” “It was her time,” or, “I know exactly how you feel, because I lost my little Chihuahua last week.”

 1) Expect many questions regarding the circumstances of your loved one’s passing, especially if it was sudden, unexpected, or involved an accident.

 2) Prepare a brief response and remember that you aren’t obligated to tell the entire story.  Most people simply want to give you an opportunity to talk, although there are others whose morbid curiosity won’t be satisfied without hearing every detail.  Include the cause of death in the obituary, if appropriate, it may alleviate some of these questions.

Above all, if it is possible, be gracious to all who express sympathy, regardless of how inconsiderate or unfeeling their remarks might appear.  Unfortunately, they will someday be in your place and understand what is and isn’t inappropriate.


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