If you’re skeptical when a scary movie says “Based on a true story”…you may want to lighten up.

frankDuring the early years of dating Morty my curiosity of his work, would get the best of me – especially if we were watching a Horror Film.  After watching such movies I always had questions for him…”Were you scared the first time you had to embalm someone?”  Or…”Has anyone ever NOT been dead when you picked them up?”  He always seemed so suave about it all.  “No, I wasn’t scared – I was nervous!”  And…”People make those stories up, when I pick someone up – trust me, they’re dead.”  Though, as the years went on his demeanor was different. I lighten up on the questioning and our taste in movies changed.  

Then I remembered one night he came home pretty frazzled.  Around 11:00 at night – during a really bad lighting storm, he got a call and had to pick up a body at a house, not too far from the Funeral Home. As he and his co-worker were turning the corner – the lightning was so severe that the house actually appeared…haunted. Needless to say they were petrified to go in the house, but had no choice. When they put the man on the gurney they swore his eyes were closed. On the way to the Van the storm started again – then, a huge lightning bolt appeared over his face and the man’s eyes were open. They screamed like little girls, jumped in the Van and took off. When they got to the funeral home the man’s eyes were closed again. To this day he still can’t watch scary movies with me.

“Hopefully he’ll never read this post. And for now – we stick to watching movies like, Despicable Me.”  Sometimes when he goes to bed early I pick out an old Horror flick, pour a glass of Chianti and…take notes.  Mwa-ha-ha-ha. 

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